A monthly mixtape of innovative bagpipe music and commentary delivered to your inbox once a month.

100% free. Jason Briscoe — a close friend & bagpiper — and I were sitting in a London restaurant late 2015, alongside a few cups of vino of course, and began sketching out an idea for a singular source of progressive bagpipe music. We wanted it to be a place which provided a style of bagpipe music the next generation is keen to listen to — unique, unconventional, bold and brave. We know the talent is out there, as is the music.

After that night, we called-in our friend Mael Sicard-Cras, a bagpiper and engineering whiz, who helped bring our vision to life. There is no revenue stream for us – purely a passion project to inspire a younger generation and engage a wider audience. We do however recognise the hard work our artists put into advancing their craft and have enabled listeners with the ability to toss a few bucks directly to the musician’s bank account. Read the full story behind the project, right here.

The site launched April 1st 2016 and so far has over 2,500 subscribers to our newsletter, roughly 10,000 visits a month and have even had the site featured on multiple design blogs including SiteInspire.

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